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2019 Vol. 44 No. 2: Journal of Supreme Court History

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Journal of Supreme Court History Vol. 44, no. 2


Melvin I. Urofsky



The Last Days of the Marshall Court

William Davenport Mercer


Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase and the Permanency of the Union

Cynthia Nicoletti


The Influence of Legal Strategy in Dennis v. U.S. (1951) and Yates v. U.S. (1957)

Hayden Thorne


The Trees Are Still Standing: The Backstory of Sierra Club v. Morton

Margaret McKeown

Standing On The Corner When the Bus Came By: Harry A. Blackmun’s Appointments to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit (1959) and the United States Supreme Court (1970)

Melissa Nathanson