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Poster - SC TimePlots

Poster - SC TimePlots

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A Visual History of the Supreme Court represents the culmination of many months of careful research, design, and consultation with experts.  This large-scale (48″ x 32″) print displays the full sweep of American federal judicial history from 1789 to 2010. It combines biographical information on every Supreme Court justice with a visualization of the influence of U.S. presidents and their political parties on the Court over time, and includes vote counts and summaries of landmark cases. We hope that those interested in the Court and judicial history—including lawyers, policymakers, and history buffs—will find this a useful and engaging product. The Timeplot is printed on highest-quality 100-lb archival paper and is much larger than a standard wall poster. The printing process is certified “green” by the Forest Stewardship Council and uses elemental chlorine-free paper.

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