Presidents, Vice Presidents, Cabinet Members, Supreme Court Justices, 1789-2003: Vital and Official Data


By Keith L. Justice

This is an update of a 1985 volume titled Public Office Index. Much has happened since that first edition was written—Ronald Reagan completed his second term in office, George Herbert Bush was president for four years, Bill Clinton was president for eight years, and George Walker Bush was elected president. There are dozens—even hundreds—of books about the presidents, but information on some of the people who have been an integral part of a president’s administration can be difficult to find. Complete vital and official data about the 42 men who have served as president, the 46 who have served as vice-president, the 539 men and women who have been Cabinet members and the 109 men and women who have been Supreme Court justices is presented here. The basic format is very much similar to the 1985 volume, but the format of some of the listings has been changed slightly. For example, Cabinet members who have served for more than one president have been listed separately, and those who served a few extra days until a new appointee could be sworn in are given separate credit for those additional days. Cross-referenced.

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