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Book of Legal Stuff: Wacky Laws, Weird Decisions & Strange Statutes

Book of Legal Stuff: Wacky Laws, Weird Decisions & Strange Statutes

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By Joanne O'Sullivan

The law can be scary, the law can be lenient or cruel--and, at times, the law can just be downright, unbelievably wacky. Be assured: every statute in this entertaining and illustrated compendium is absolutely real. They come from down the block and around the world, and they prevent us from no-nos like eating pies baked by grandmothers in non-certified kitchens; accidentally getting a glimpse of a sweaty naked person through a window; and being subjected postmortem to the tacky taste of any loved one who would dare put plastic flowers on our graves instead of fresh ones. The jaw-dropping regulations cover animals (no licking hallucinogenic toads in Missouri); transportation (do not run out of gas on Germany's super-speedy autobahns); public decorum (kissing and hugging in public forbidden in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but in India, it will just get you fined); house rules (no flushing after 10PM in a certain Swiss apartment building), food (only certain pizzas in Italy can be called Margheritas; and much, much more. And the best place to get a job? Portugal because you can't be fired. One thing that's absolutely allowed: laughing hard and long at these laws!

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